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I was so used to following the dictates of what others felt was
me, the market, the gallery, everyone but myself.  So, where to
start?   Just do it, take some photographs and if they did not
bring me joy, out they went.  In short order I found myself
gravitating towards the most abstract ideas and visualizations.  
You can say I was abstracting the abstract from what I saw.  
My composition improved, use of color, subject material,
visualization, all improved.  Well, at least I think it did.  Once I
began feeling confident with my new direction, being more
engineer then lover, I felt that I should document how I was
visualizing the new world.  Create my visual canon to help me
think and see outside my years of leaned patterns.

I won’t bore you with the details other than to say, for me it
worked.  I gave myself permission to be creative and have
confidence in what I do.   What I will tell you is that all I see
and photograph is divided into what I call “Visual Dimensions”,
not unlike the physical dimensions.  There are laws and
definitions, unlike the physical world I can break my laws at
will!  For me this level of detail has worked well, the laws state
that images can be created in such or another fashion.  This
gives me direction to formulate new visual concepts.

Most of the images on this my new web page were taken from
my Forth Visual Dimension imagery set.  Often, but not always
this means that a representation was created using multiple
images from and multiple views of person or object.  Add to
this Style considerations and you’re done.  Almost always I pre-
visualize the final image before I start.  Most images will have
a “Details” button if you wish more information about the image.